All drivers are required to have either a Japanese License or an International Drivers License while driving in Japan. International Licenses are simply a translation of your country's license and can be obtained without a driving test in your home country. Please note you must bring your original Drivers License and International Drivers License when renting a car.

Drink Driving Policy

There is a zero tolerance policy on drink-driving in Japan. Please call the Daiko service if you've had a few to drive your car home. Most restaurants and bars will be happy to call them for you, or their local number is 0261-72-6999.

Snow Tyres

Although the Japanese "studless" snow tyres grip incredibly well, care should still be taken when driving on snow. In general you'll be fine if you simply keep to a low speed and don't perform any sudden manoeuvres. In particular brakes should be applied gently and definitely not while cornering.

Cancellation Policy

All bookings must be pre-paid through our online service. Cancellation notice given less than a week in advance will incur a 40% penalty rate.


Q: What time is your office hours?

A: Our office hours are 8am until 8pm - however we require all cars to be returned by 7pm and as our office isn’t always staffed, only guarantee your pick up time for 1 hour after the organized time, any later and another time will have to be arranged.