Wintery Road

Follow the Path Less Travelled


Easy to find

Hakuba car rental is located 100 meters (on route 148) south of Hakuba JR rail station in the heart of Hakuba.


Safety First

All our 4WDs come equipped with Japanese "studless" snow tires - chains are not needed.


Bilingual Staff

Among our staff are those fluent in both Japanese and English, so your needs are always understood.


Roof Racks

All vehicles come with a set of lockable roof racks, so you're not travelling packed like a can of sardines.


All insured

All vehicles are covered by comprehensive insurance and are in excellent working condition.

Local Info

For the core snow enthusiasts, use our cars to beat the punters' bus to Cortina and score the first tracks of the day. Another option is to take a day trip to Myoko (2 hours away), where more often than not if it's not snowing in Hakuba, it will be dumping in Myoko.

Other great recommendations include:
- Shiga Kogen,
- Nozawa Onsen,
- Seki Onsen

There are virtually untouched ski fields only a short drive away. Nagano Prefecture has more terrain, vertical rises, and advanced ski and snowboard slopes than anywhere in Japan!

For tourists, you can't come to Hakuba without paying a visit to the cheeky monkeys who make the mountains their home. If you take one of our cars, you have the option to beat the busloads and have the undivided attention of these amazing little primates. You'll also find that 4 - 6 people in a rental car is both much cheaper and more flexible than a bus or guided tour.

Other trips within a couple of hours drive of Hakuba include Japan's once largest silk factory, Sake factories (a designated driver essential), ancient onsen villages and the famous fish markets at the Japan sea.

Ask our staff for some detailed knowledge of these nearby attractions. Nagano is famous for its delicious soba noodles, apples, and sake, as well as oyaki dumplings, gohei mochi snacks, and bamboo leaf-wrapped sasa-zushi. These and other traditional foods are part of Nagano’s culinary heritage. Nagano city is just under an hour away.

Whatever happens, we really hope you enjoy your stay in Hakuba.